Focus areas

biological systems modeling, immune system modeling, gene regulation and modeling of gene regulatory networks 

Participating faculty

  Name Title, Department Research Interests Contact
Vrushali A Bokil Associate Professor

Mathematical biology. Deterministic and stochastic modeling, analysis and simulation of multiscale problems in epidemiology.

 Patrick De Leenheer Patrick De Leenheer 


Mathematical biology, with applications to the mathematical modeling and control in immunology, systems biology, (bio)chemical reaction networks, bioreactors, epidemiology, population biology and social and economic networks

Cindy Grimm Cindy Grimm Associate Professor 
Mechanical Engineering
Understanding how humans perform 3D volume segmentation and how to improve their process; modeling 3D surfaces and structures in order to link form to function.
David Hendrix Assistant Professor
Biochemistry and Biophysics
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Structure, function and mechanisms of action of non-coding RNAs, both large and small

Liang Huang

Liang Huang

Assistant Professor
Computer Science

Computational prediction of RNA and protein structures.

Goran Jovanovic Goran Jovanovic Professor
Chemical Engineering
Development of microscale chemical reactors and separators suitable for the development of microscale based chemical processes and the development of microscale biosensors devices.
Mario Edgardo Magana

Mario Edgardo Magaña

Associate Professor
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Mathematical modeling of biological processes.

Molly Megraw Molly Megraw Assistant Professor
Botany and Plant Pathology
Understanding how small RNAs and transcription factors work together in living cells.


Stephen Ramsey Stephen Ramsey
Assistant Professor
Computer Science
Biomedical Sciences

Reverse engineering gene regulatory networks; genetic variation and its effect on gene expression and gene regulation; atherosclerosis; cancer.

Thomas Sharpton Thomas Sharpton Assistant Professor
Ascertaining how commensal microbiota and their genomic characteristics (i.e., the microbiome) relate to health.

James A. Strother James Strother

Assistant Professor
Integrative Biology

How physiology, biomechanics, and neurobiology shape the interaction of animals with their environment.
Bo Sun Bo Sun

Assistant Professor

Collective distributed sensing by multiple cells, mechanics of tumor and extracellualr matrix, force generation and invasion of cancer cells.   

Brian Wood Brian Wood Professor
Environmental Engineering
Transport phenomena in biological systems, with particular focus on using upscaling methods to develop coarse-grained representations of biological processes in tissues and organs.