Focus areas

development of advanced radiation detectors, Monte Carlo modeling of radiation dose

Participating faculty

  Name Title, Department Research Interests Contact
David Finch David Finch


Inverse problems, particularly those arising in medical imaging; x-ray computed tomography and vector tomography; problems arising in the medical imaging technique called thermoacoustic tomography and other forms of hybrid imaging.

Morgan Giers Morgan Giers Assistant Professor
Predicting treatment outcomes for intervertebral disc (IVD) regenerative and surgical therapies. Utilizing MRI, image processing, mathematical modeling, tissue engineering, drug delivery, and surgery to study transport phenomena in vivo.
Cindy Grimm Cindy Grimm Associate Professor 
Mechanical Engineering
Understanding how humans perform 3D volume segmentation and how to improve their process; modeling 3D surfaces and structures in order to link form to function.
Todd S. Palmer Todd S. Palmer

Nuclear Science and Engineering 

Numerical techniques for radiation transport and diffusion, reactor physics, general numerical methods, Monte Carlo methods, radiation transport in stochastic mixtures, radiation hydrodynamics, and nuclear nonproliferation science.
Brian Wood Brian Wood Professor
Environmental Engineering
Transport phenomena in biological systems, with particular focus on using upscaling methods to develop coarse-grained representations of biological processes in tissues and organs.