Focus areas

rehabilitation engineering, design of accessible transportation systems, minimizing human error in health care delivery, biomechanics, ergonomics

Participating faculty

  Name Title, Department Research Interests Contact
Ken Funk Ken Funk Associate Professor
Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering

Human performance in complex, high risk systems, like submarines, surface warships, airplanes, and operating rooms.

Katharine M. Hunter-Zaworski Katharine Hunter-Zaworski
Associate Professor
Civil and Construction Engineering

Combining rehabilitation, transportation and mechanical engineering; conducting interdisciplinary/collaborative research that promotes the development of technologies to make travel safe, seamless and dignified for all.

Jay Kim Jay Kim

Assistant Professor
Public Health and Human Sciences

Occupational ergonomics and biomechanics.

Laurel Kincl Laurel Kincl Assistant Professor
Public Health and Human Sciences
Quantifying, communicating and controlling occupational and environmental exposures to health and safety hazards.


Sam Logan Sam Logan Assistant Professor
Public Health and Human Sciences
Health and wellbeing of typically developing children and children with disabilities.

Mike Pavol Mike Pavol Associate Professor
Public Health and Human Sciences


Clinical and ergonomic application of biomechanics.
Xinhui Zhu Xinhui Zhu Assistant Professor
Industrial Engineering
Occupational safety, performance evaluation, and assessment tool development.